Venables concert canceled

Good Day musifriends,

I have to sadly announce that the Venables Theatre concert with David Barber has been canceled.  I am a little bummed because i was quite excited about performing in this great venue.  However, because of how things work, the date has been canceled and everyone will get a refund.

For these kind of concerts, to justify having the event, they need to pre-sell a certain amount of tickets in advance.  Needless to say.. David and I didn't sell enough tickets leading up to the show.

These things happen; they keep you working hard to make things work out better next time ;).  I apologize to anyone who's plans got canceled, but do appreciate your support.  

In saying this, I realize the importance of purchasing our tickets before-hand… to let the venue know they will have a good turnout.  I'm sure some people were going to show up and buy tickets at the door, but sadly the venue can't gamble on that possibility.

That said, we keep on truckin'!

I hope to see ya'll at the next show at Pizza Factory (17th), The Indian Flame (30th), and tonight at Sharpe Distillery.

Wishing you all a great day.  Much Love,


Vincent DeCowans Deshaies DeCOWENS DeQuebeQuoiQuoi

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